Family Law & Childcare

Family Law & Childcare

The heart of family law

When it comes to matters of the heart, there are a host of legal affairs to consider. These often pertain to the unfortunate possibility of the breakdown of a relationship, which is why our family law solicitors take great care to treat every case in Hornchurch, London or the greater Essex region, with sensitivity and dignity.
Social services and childcare

Divorce lawyers who sympathise

We understand that divorce and separation can have life changing consequences, emotionally financially and legally. Without assistance, these processes can seem needlessly complicated, but our partnership team at Moss & Coleman are there to talk you through it all. This includes any concerns you may have regarding property division, spousal support, custody of children and post-divorce actions.

A fair approach to dividing assets

Often, by far the most complex part of separating is the division of assets. This is why the Moss & Coleman divorce lawyers offer comprehensive legal advice and services, enabling clients to have an informed opinion and an appreciation of what is a realistic approach in relation to the division of property including houses investments, pensions and businesses.

Pre-nuptial agreements, co-habitation and civil partnerships

Not yet married or seeking to regulate financial or other aspects of your relationship outside of the standard marriage context? For clients in Hornchurch and throughout Essex, we offer a complete overview of marriage, civil partnership and co-habitation to help you decide if they are the right step in your relationship. Meanwhile, although nobody likes to think of divorce before marrying, if you are seeking to make a pre-nuptial agreement we are here to assist you in deciding if and how to implement certain financial conditions in your relationship.

Understanding social services

The prospect of interacting with social services can be daunting for families, but social workers are there to safeguard children who may be at risk of harm, and so offer much assistance to families. We are here to guide you through these processes and to make sure that your relationship with social services can be positive and beneficial for your child.

Child care matters

For advice on all legal aspects of childcare, look no further than Moss & Coleman. Our services include, but are not limited to, managing child maintenance, advice on residence and parental contact in the case of divorce, and assistance with the adoption process.

Building a solid name in child care law

The Moss & Coleman team have spent years building up our reputation as an experienced and trustworthy source of legal aid in all areas of childcare. Alan Foskett, who has been a member of the Law Society’s Children’s Panel for many years now and has an excellent reputation as a specialist solicitor in this area. We understand fully how contentious childcare law can be for parents, so for difficult situations we are the right people to contact.
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