Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Quick and painless dispute resolution

Going to Court, no matter your position, can be an intimidating prospect. Learning how the Court system works and how your case will be handled is vital to your decision making process. That is where Moss & Coleman's expert solicitors come in, helping you to understand and build a case from the ground up and support it throughout the litigation procedures. 
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Efficiency is key

Litigation is an intricate, time-consuming process and for this reason many parties drop out of proceedings, before dispute resolution has been achieved, in spite of the strength of their position, or choose to pursue matters regardless of cost when they should not. To ensure that this does not happen to you, our litigators, based in Hornchurch, Essex, focus on efficiency and cost effectiveness and work to properly assess your case in the light of all relevant matters, and move your case to and through Court as quickly as is feasible whilst trying to ensure that you achieve a result which does not simply leave you with a bill.

Commercial disputes, from debt recovery to internal conflict

Reflecting their multidisciplinary backgrounds, our litigation team provides support in both commercial and individual disputes for clients in Hornchurch and throughout Essex. For companies, we are always there to offer a hand in meeting a reasonable resolution of conflict. This can take many forms, including director and shareholder disputes within a company, partnership disputes, and disputes between organisations such as in the case of insolvency and debt recovery.

A case for the individual

Moss & Coleman offer consultations to anybody seeking litigation to help make their case as strong as it can be. Examples of our successful dispute resolution cases have involved: 

• land and property disputes 
• rights of light disputes 
• bringing and defending claims relating to Wills and Estates 
• Trusts of Land and property ownership disputes
• contract disputes related to employment law  
• debt recovery on behalf of individuals and businesses. 

Whether you are thinking of bringing a claim, have received or are threatened with a claim, or are looking to prevent a dispute from escalating, we are happy to help

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